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DU Administration Tagged As Militant Lesbians

Posted in lesbian by Leslie on March 6, 2009
Chancellor Robert Coombe of DU - a militant lesbian?

Chancellor Robert Coombe of DU - a militant lesbian?

The administration at the University of Denver were recently compared to militant lesbian women.

Something in me, as a DU student, begs the question: Does Chancellor Robert Coombe look like a militant lesbian woman to you?

Perhaps the more pertinent question is what would bring about such an assertion.

Let’s take a look at DU alum “Tony,” who posted on the University of Denver’s student newspaper website,, in October of last year:

“I’m frankly embarrassed by the far-left, no-doubt Obama-supporting liberals that run my alma mater. When the women who run that [DU] school (and let’s be honest, it’s militant lesbian women) get back from their next bashing-anything-masculine conference, I hope that DU students will continue to fight for traditional American values. If there are any REAL MEN left at DU, let them be heard!”

“Tony” makes this comment in response to the long-winded debate recently igniting some fire on campus: should we bring back Boone, the university’s mascot that reigned from 1968 until 1999?

Denver Boone incites anti-gay speech

Denver Boone not representative of "broad diversity of DU"

Boone, a cute little guy decked out in a coonskin cap sporting a full beard, has been cited as anti-woman, anti-Native American, divisive, and disrespectful.  Whether you buy into this politically correct argument or not, Chancellor Coombe sure does.  On October 20 of last year, he put Boone to rest for good.  Like or not, long live Ruckus, the strange and strangely anti-human hawk that took Boone’s place in 99.

Regardless of the mascot discussion, I have to wonder how “Tony” worked his way from fighting for Boone to fighting against gays.  According to him, it’s the “militant lesbian women” who run DU that buy into the policy that minorities ought to overshadow majority decisions — hence, let’s get rid of Boone because a small group of students may be offended by him, in spite of the majority’s obvious adoration for him.

While I consider “Tony’s” a valid argument, it seems a bit divisive to be arguing for the unifying value of a cute little mascot while simultaneously bashing the idea of gay marriage and, even more, gays as a minority.

He goes on, in a later post, to compare the fight for Boone, where the minority opinion appears to have won out, to the fight for gay marriage:

“Here’s a great example…. In every state where gay marriage has been put to a vote of the people, the people vote no. Yet, in some states, judges come along and say yes. So, according to these judges, the will of the people means nothing. Does this sound like a country “of the people, by the people, and for the people?”

Does anyone quite follow his logic? Whether “Tony” is anti-gay or not, it’s apparent he finds the need to bring a human rights controversy into a silly argument over a college mascot.

“I’m sick of our conservative, traditional values being squashed by these radical liberals who run our universities…. all in the name of “diversity” and “tolerance” and “being inclusive”…. when diversity means anything but a white male, when tolerance means acceptance, and when being inclusive means excluding the majority opinion.”

Furthermore, “Tony” insinuates we should consider a white male diverse and we, as gays and lesbians, should strive only for tolerance — because, of course, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. only sought tolerance.  I mean, if we went so far as to accept African-American people… what would this world come to?

“Tony” propagates the argument that the gay agenda means converting all heterosexual children to “our lifestyle” and recruiting peers to the rainbow side of life.  He also uses the background of a mascot argument to further the anti-minority mentality simply because he, as a white male, feels threatened in his position of apparent dominance and power when a minority group bands together seemingly “against” him.

Anyone else feeling a bit like “Tony” has just stepped out of a pair of Commander’s boots from Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale?

However, what “Tony” might not understand is that gays and lesbians are not out to steal his future children or threaten his marriage.  They are not out to liberalize and proselytize at universities.  And, most especially, they are not out to do away with the Denver Boone.

And all this comes shortly before a day when the Supreme Court of California is set to hear arguments about the constitutionality of Prop 8, which denied gay couples the right to marry in the state of California.  Maybe it’s time we, as a society, stop worrying about what’s good for everyone else and start making our own marriages and our lives work for us.

So, what can we do (other than comment back and let “Tony” know he’s a douchebag)?  Let’s analyze and change our use of heteronormative language, double-check our cultural sensitivity, and take a good hard look at what gays and lesbians are really out to do:

find love.

And damn sure my girlfriend and I are right in the thick of it.  What would “Tony” think if he saw us holding hands while strolling across the Driscoll green?  Ah, if only…


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  1. jopolitesse said, on March 7, 2009 at 4:20 am

    Haven’t you seen the cool signs at the protest marches?

    “When do I get to vote on your marriage?”
    “Focus on your own family.”
    “Overcome H8 / Overturn 8”
    “Stop the marriage of Church and St8”

    They spend all their time on us, I guess, because there’s no one else left to pick on except smokers.

  2. jopolitesse said, on December 1, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    What if you’re gay and a smoker? Uh oh.

    I want to vote on other people’s marriages! I think I’d like to start with politicians.

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